FG Raises Cargo Clearance Exchange Rate to N1.356 per Dollar

The Federal Government, operating through the Central Bank of Nigeria, has announced a significant adjustment in the exchange rate for cargo clearance transactions. The rate has been escalated from N952 per dollar to N1.356 per dollar, marking a notable surge in a bid to address prevailing economic dynamics.

This move comes in the wake of recent adjustments in the exchange rate, with the rate being elevated from N783 per dollar to N952 per dollar merely weeks ago. The series of increments reflect the government’s response to the evolving economic landscape and the imperative to maintain stability in the foreign exchange market.

Earlier in November, the exchange rate for cargo clearance experienced a moderate uptick from N757 per dollar to N783 per dollar, constituting a 3.4 per cent rise. Subsequently, in December, the rate was further adjusted upwards from N783 per dollar to the previous N952 per dollar threshold.

The discernible pattern of successive increases underscores the government’s proactive stance in managing currency valuation amidst global economic uncertainties and domestic fiscal considerations. These adjustments seek to calibrate the exchange rate mechanism to align with prevailing market realities while safeguarding the interests of stakeholders involved in trade and commerce.

In an observation made by our correspondent on Friday, the revised exchange rate has already been implemented on the digital platform of the Nigeria Customs Service, indicating a swift operationalization of the new directive.

The rationale behind the latest adjustment underscores the government’s commitment to bolstering economic resilience and fostering sustainable growth in the face of emerging challenges both at home and abroad. The implications of this development are poised to reverberate across various sectors, shaping the contours of Nigeria’s economic landscape in the foreseeable future.

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