FG Launches NOA Mobiliser App to Empower Youth Engagement

Minister of Information and National Orientation, Dr. Mohammed Idris, officially unveiled the NOA’s Mobiliser app and the explainer newsletter at the Amani Event Center in Kano.

Praising the Agency for its ongoing enhancements, the Minister urged Nigerians to embrace the new app to engage with the government and foster societal renewal.

With a special focus on Nigeria’s youthful demographic, constituting 70 percent of the population, Dr. Idris highlighted the app’s alignment with the global digital revolution.

Director General Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu provided an in-depth overview of the Mobiliser App during the event, emphasizing its diverse features. He encouraged widespread adoption and exploration of its functionalities, particularly underscoring the ‘Say Something’ tool for intelligence gathering and anonymous reporting of crimes.

The app’s Newsfeed keeps users abreast of verified news and trending topics, while the Quiz section offers educational engagement with rewards for correct answers. Additionally, the Entries feature facilitates participation in engagements with government agencies.

The Mobiliser app represents a comprehensive platform empowering youth to voice concerns, stay informed, engage in educational activities, and contribute to societal issues. It stands as a significant step towards enhancing citizen-government interaction and promoting active citizenship in Nigeria.

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