FG Launches Armed Aviation Security at Lagos Airport

The Federal Government has launched an armed Aviation Security (AVSEC) unit at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in Lagos as part of efforts to address illegal activities and enhance security at the nation’s airports. Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Aviation and Aero Dynamics, announced the initiative, highlighting its role in curbing touting and other criminal behavior.

The Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) introduced the new unit on behalf of the minister. This armed AVSEC unit is empowered to arrest and prosecute individuals engaging in illegal activities around the airport premises. Keyamo stated that this initiative is a significant step towards improving safety and security for passengers and airport staff alike.

The introduction of the armed security unit at MMIA is the first phase of a broader plan to enhance security measures at all international airports in Nigeria. The government plans to replicate this model in other airports across the country to ensure a consistent approach to aviation security.

In addition to this new security measure, Keyamo mentioned ongoing inter-ministerial efforts aimed at addressing issues related to extortion, bribery, and begging by government agencies operating within the airports. These efforts are part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle corruption and improve the overall integrity of airport operations.

The launch of the armed AVSEC unit represents a proactive approach by the Nigerian government to strengthen airport security and protect both domestic and international travelers. This initiative is expected to create a safer environment and deter illegal activities, contributing to a more secure and efficient aviation sector in Nigeria.

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