FG Commits to Sustainable Mineral Resource Management

Minister of Solid Minerals, Dele Alake, has reiterated the Federal Government’s unwavering dedication to the sustainable and efficient harnessing of the nation’s mineral resources. The primary objective is to stimulate economic growth and create prosperity for all Nigerian citizens.

Minister Alake’s reaffirmation came during the 2nd edition of the Africa Natural Resources and Energy Investment Summit (AFNIS), held under the theme “Towards a Just Transition.” He emphasized the paramount importance of collaboration in achieving these goals.

In his address, Minister Alake stressed the need to diversify energy sources, promote renewable energy, and implement energy efficiency measures. These steps are critical in aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

The concept of a “just transition” was underscored in the minister’s speech. This approach focuses on recognizing the needs of the workforce, communities, and economies that have traditionally relied on conventional energy sources. The goal is to ensure that, as the country shifts toward more sustainable practices in natural resource development and energy production, no one is left behind.

Minister Alake further articulated that the Federal Government acknowledges the worldwide transition towards sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies. In light of this, Nigeria is firmly committed to responsibly managing critical minerals, which are essential for cleaner energy systems, carbon emissions reduction, and the broader global battle against climate change.

The minister’s statement reflects the government’s holistic approach to economic development, energy transition, and climate action. By harnessing mineral resources sustainably, promoting renewable energy, and ensuring an equitable and inclusive transformation, Nigeria seeks to contribute meaningfully to the global effort to address climate change while fostering prosperity for its citizens.

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