Ferdinand Slams Rangnick Over Comment On Man United Board

Former Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand, has called out the club’s interim manager, Ralf Rangnick, over his latest comment about the club’s board.

Rangnick had recently complained that the board rejected his request to sign three players during the January transfer window.

However, the German’s comment was criticised by Ferdinand who said he let out too much.

Speaking on his FIVE podcast, Ferdinand said, “When I hear the manager speaking, we have never been a club that airs its dirty laundry in public. The guy is talking about details which should be kept within the club; ‘I tried to tell the board to sign this player or that player’. Talk to the board. Don’t talk to the public.”

“If you are going to talk about that, if you have left the place and you have severed ties with the club, maybe that is when you want to talk about it. Fine. I understand that, maybe. You can get a few things off your chest… but you are still there working; ‘I told them to sign these three players, [Luis] Diaz at Liverpool who is now flying’.”

“It makes him look a bit better and takes the responsibility off him. I don’t think it is right what he is doing. Yeah, you are disappointed, of course, but speak about [those things] and iron it out at the club. When you are gone, then you can say your piece, maybe. Doing it when you are there right now doesn’t help anybody.”

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