FCCPC Summons Chinese Supermarket Over Discrimination Against Nigerians

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has summoned the owner of a Chinese supermarket for allegedly discriminating against Nigerians by restricting their entry.

The supermarket, located at the China General Chamber of Commerce along Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road in the Federal Capital Territory, exclusively permits individuals of Chinese descent to enter.

A video posted by X Daily showed an unidentified FCT resident expressing discontent about the discriminatory policy.

Reacting to the development, Mrs. Boladale Adeyinka, the Director of Surveillance and Investigation at the commission, who led the enforcement
,stated that they are responding to a viral video allegedly showing Nigerian consumers being denied access to the supermarket.

She explained that the purpose of their surveillance and investigation is to verify the allegations and the contents of the viral video.

“On arrival, we noticed that the supermarket, located right behind me, was sealed and padlocked externally. Inquiries have revealed that as of this morning, this supermarket was open and operational,” she said.

“CCTV footage also indicates that at around 8:29 am on Monday, two vehicles departed from these premises allegedly containing the owner of the supermarket, whom we have identified as Cindy Liun Bien, and we have her contact details.

“Now, the summons, of course, since she’s not around and the place is locked, is to serve notice on her to appear before the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission by Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at 11 am.

“There are other regulatory tools that can be deployed if she fails to attend to this summons,” she added.

She further explained that the summons means that entry into the premises would require approval, and anyone wishing to access it must first notify the commission.

When asked about the consequences if the owner fails to attend the summons, she stated that under the commission’s investigative powers, they have the authority to seal the premises until she complies.

Sanusi Shuabiu, the estate assistant Facilities Manager, clarified that the supermarket is not open to the public like a typical store; rather, it primarily serves Chinese groceries and was initially established to cater to the needs of co-tenants in the area.

He confirmed that there is no agreement restricting the supermarket to Chinese residents only; it is meant to serve everyone, including those from outside the community.

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