FCCPC Busts Warehouse Selling Expired, Mislabeled Goods in Ado Ekiti

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has launched a decisive operation in Ado Ekiti to safeguard consumers from potentially hazardous products. Acting on intelligence, FCCPC operatives conducted a raid on a warehouse suspected of peddling expired and mislabeled goods, including staple items like vegetable oils and cereals.

During the operation, disturbing evidence emerged, revealing a range of deceptive practices:

Expired merchandise still stocked on shelves,
Products bearing misleading labels,
Counterfeit barcodes, and
Repackaged items, raising concerns over their safety.

In response, authorities have promptly sealed the warehouse and initiated investigations into its proprietors and suppliers. The FCCPC emphasizes that robust enforcement measures will be pursued to uphold consumer rights and maintain integrity in the marketplace.

This crackdown underscores the FCCPC’s unwavering commitment to consumer protection and the promotion of fair trade practices across Nigeria. As guardians of consumer interests, the agency remains vigilant, ensuring that businesses adhere to stringent standards and that consumers can confidently access safe and accurately labeled products.

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