Fashion Statement: Top Seven Sensual Outfits For Daring Ladies

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By Rashidat Akashat

Your dress is your word, you don’t have to say a word with your mouth – fashion instructor.

If you really want to look sexually attractive to your man and have him hooked by the eyeballs, apply the following dress techniques:


This apparel is designed to make obvious the most appealing part. Lingerie comes in various kinds and are very seductive to the eyes. They create a kind of mirage, leaving a sense of perfection, by barricading the edges from the curves.


‘S’extended T-Shirts

This unlike the lingerie, plays the hide and seek. It is usually not skin tight but takes the approach of mild seduction in a classy way. ‘S’extended t-shirts are sometimes light and transparent, just a little below the hip or on the hip, slit at both sides given a side bum view for the partner. It usually evokes an arousal of seeking what’s hidden beneath the sheet.

‘S’extended T-Shirts, Photo from Jordan T-shirts

Cat Suit

Cat suit are skin tight, body clinging outfits. They create a sense of accessorizing, by clinging on the curves and edges and appearing appealing in a unit sense of blend. Dark skinned women should opt for colors like yellow or lavenders.

Cat suit from Wikipedia
Cat suit From Ali Express

Thong Wear

This resembles a bikini and a lingerie but trust me, like the name implies it is a ‘Thong’. Thongs are usually just stripes or a thread that clings tightly to the sensitive part of a lady. They usually arouse a sense of vision in lieu with senses.

Thong Wear from sexy exotic wears
Thong, photo from slide-in

Fence Net Crop Top And Tight

Fence net isn’t just a see through, it also appeals to the sense of touch and it is a very sensitive outfit.

You see it, it’s between the holes, flashing parts of the filtered skin in the net. It is usually worn to make a statement of the net is a part of my skin.

In view of this, it is important to note that fence nets can conceal some parts of the private parts, while leaving the others visible.

Fence net from and wanelo

According to, it is not an intimate apparel because it doesn’t come in contact with the genitals.

Swim Suits

This is like saving part of the best for the best. Swim suits are endearing outfits worn to the beach.

Some just get a sun bathe in it, while others spell out the “chicky” looks in it by revealing what’s usually concealed on a casual day.

Plunge Swim Suit From Motel and Alexxandra Ambrossio from Playboy Mansion

Fish Net Body Suit

Fish net body suit like any transparent outfit whispers “Look beneath the sheet.”

Most times the most alluring part of a woman plunges based on her body frame, leaving her curves and edges visible in its original form without clothes having to add what’s not there.

Nikki Minaj From and Model from Terapik





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