Fans Knock Burna Boy For Showing Up Late To Concert

Singer Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, is trending on social media after he was late for his performance in Lagos.

The performer, who was scheduled to take the stage on Sunday, didn’t appear until early Monday morning, at which point he launched into a tirade against his supporters for falsely accusing him of shooting someone in a Lagos nightclub and saying that his mother once danced for Fela.

A tweet, Adeayo who shared a video from the show venue said, “The situation on ground. Almost 2AM and Burna Boy’s concert is basically yet to start. Some people have been around since 9PM. For an artiste with the highest level of international exposure this is beyond terrible and unprofessional.”

Joey Akan tweeted, “Burna Boy to White People: “My Africans are suffering. Dance to my music, brand me a reformer and reward me financially. Burna Boy to the suffering Africans: “God punish una.”

Kay said, “Not sure when these artistes & organisers will learn to respect our precious time. 2:03 AM and no Burna Boy on sight. No supporting act. Even the DJ seem as tired as everyone else. Didn’t know we were in for a full night vigil.”

Just as fans lamented the lateness, some fans also hailed the singer for his performance, however late.
Oluwaseyi said, “Despite technical issue he still showed up and performed all his songs tonight. Only one artiste who can do that oluwaburna.”

Ayoade tweeted another update. He said, “The band is playing and Burna Boy appears on stage at 3:30. All is forgiven and the crowd cheers. No lesson learnt.”

Nnma Moore said, “Nobody like Burna Boy, I’m sorry. The wait, absolutely worth it.”

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