Family Convinced Me To Stay As England Boss – Southgate

Gareth Southgate has admitted that while he was debating whether to remain as England manager after the World Cup, his family persuaded him to do so.

Intense criticism of England’s dismal Nations League performances previous to the World Cup in Qatar unnerved Southgate.

Following England’s 2-1 setback to France in the World Cup quarterfinals in December, the 52-year-old was still debating quitting.

However, Southgate had a week to consider his options before it was revealed he will remain under contract until December 2024.

“There was negativity about me being in charge and the last thing I wanted was for that to be the over-arching feeling going into a World Cup when you need the fans and everybody behind the team,” he told ITV News on Thursday.

“You need that energy; you need that sense of togetherness. And if the debate was only going to be about finding flaws in what we were doing, in order that I go at the end, then that would have been very difficult for the team to perform at their best.”

Southgate said that his choice to extend England’s rule, which began in 2016, was largely influenced by his family’s backing.

“They left Doha saying you’ve got to give this one more go and try to get this trophy,” he said.

The World Cup group stage victories by Southgate’s team over Iran and Wales swiftly made the terrible Nations League season of England seem like a distant memory.

After defeating Senegal 3-0 in the round of 16, England was eliminated by a razor-thin margin after Harry Kane missed a last-second penalty.

Southgate claims that after pushing France to the edge, his team now truly believes they can win a significant prize. Southgate guided England to the World Cup semifinals in 2018 and the European Championship final in 2021.

Southgate’s attention is now focused on qualifying for Euro 2024, with England drawn against Italy, Ukraine, North Macedonia and Malta in Group C.

“I’m in a job with the chance to make some history and I have the privilege of leading the national team,” he said.

“It’s been an unbelievable experience. I think we’ve made progress with the team across the years we’ve been in charge and I’m determined to try and drive the team that next step.

“I think now we’re in a different landscape to any previous England team I guess, because of the success we’ve had. In our own minds, winning is probably the only thing that’s going to fulfil us.”

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