Fabregas Names Best Teams to Watch

Former Spanish international Cesc Fabregas has named Manchester City, Arsenal and Brighton as the best teams he enjoys watching.

Explaining his decision, Fabregas said: “It’s the way they understand the game. They know when to slow it down, when to quicken up, when to find the right spaces.

“They know the right timing of when to attract players and to then accelerate. How many times do we see them playing short, short, short and then [Solly] March and [Karou] Mitoma attacking the spaces and scoring in behind? They understand football in a way I love and believe it should be played.

“It reminds me of how we played in a certain way. It’s quick, sharp football and so unpredictable. If you press them high they will get you in behind, if you press them low they’ll keep playing short and find spaces. It’s very interesting and De Zerbi is someone I’m learning so much from.”

He added, “Arsenal use that 3-1-3-3 formation – which is six players in front of the ball. It’s about the coach trusting their defenders to be quicker, faster and recover the ball.

“Then they can play a little bit more attacking football. But you could see the difference when [William] Saliba was playing and got injured [last season]. Mikel will tell you himself that it is not the same way they can play.”

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