FAAN Blames Switchover for Power Outage At Lagos Airport

Lagos International Airport faced a moment of darkness as a power outage struck the terminal, leaving passengers groping through the darkness on Friday night. The incident, captured in a viral video shared by Francis Izu on Saturday, depicts travelers relying on mobile phone lights to navigate through the dimly lit corridors.

According to the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), the blackout ensued during the transition of power sources following an interruption in electricity supply from the national grid. In an official statement released on Saturday, the authority clarified the circumstances surrounding the outage while assuring the public of its commitment to swiftly restore the power supply.

The footage circulated widely on social media platforms, sparking concerns about the reliability of infrastructure at one of Nigeria’s busiest airports. As travelers grappled with the unexpected darkness, questions emerged about the airport’s contingency plans and its preparedness to handle such incidents.

In response to growing apprehension, FAAN emphasized its ongoing efforts to rectify the situation and ensure uninterrupted power supply within the airport premises.

The statement said, “We experienced a 2-3 minute outage at Murtala Muhammed International Airport yesterday, February 2nd, 2024 while switching over to our backup power supply after losing power from the Grid.

“The electrical team has identified the challenges with the automatic switchover and is working judiciously to restore this immediately.

“We have put a plan in place leveraging the alternative sources of power to ensure we do not have a recurrence.”

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