FA Cup to Abolish Replays Starting from 2024-25 Season

The Football Association (FA) has declared that there will be no replays in the FA Cup proper beginning from the 2024-25 season, following a new agreement with the Premier League.

In the ongoing edition of the FA Cup, all qualifying and proper matches up to the fifth round featured replays. However, concerns raised by top-flight managers over an already congested calendar have prompted this decision.

Next year’s schedule is poised to become even more demanding for top-tier teams, with the revamped Champions League expanding to 36 teams and FIFA’s Club World Cup in 2025 accommodating 32 sides.

While FA Cup replays have traditionally been significant for lower-division teams due to financial reasons, calls for their abolition have gained traction. The FA has now ratified this change as part of a new six-year agreement.

Under the new arrangement, qualifying matches will still allow for replays, but games from the first round onward will be decided on the day, with the introduction of extra time and penalties if necessary.

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