Expect No Apology From Me, Singer Brymo Tells Igbo

Olawale Olofooro, a Nigerian singer better known by his stage name Brymo, has said that he is not apologetic for his remarks on the likelihood of an Easterner becoming the nation’s president.

The singer had drawn criticism for saying that the fight for Biafra would make an Igbo president nothing more than a “pipe fantasy.”

In his words, ” As long as there (are) talks by prominent people from Igboland about Biafra, an Igbo presidency will be a pipe dream,” Brymo tweeted.

He drew more criticisms when he added that voting for the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi was not “prudent”.

Brymo claimed he was not sorry in response to Netizen’s criticism of him on his remarks.

“Dear Easterners, I’m not sorry,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Sorry??… I should apologize right?.

” Dem wan send se scope beg for apology .. mad o!!.”

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