Ex-footballers Demand More Fights Between Tuchel, Conte

Former English professional footballers, Adebayo Akinfenwa and Darren Ambrose have said that something like the clash between Tottenham’s Antonio Conte and Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel should be seen more often in the Premier League.

According to them, the two managers brought passion on display and should be commended instead of condemned.

Both managers were both sent off at the end of a spicy 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League.

The pair came together at the end of the match during a handshake, with the Blues’ boss appearing to grab onto Conte’s hand who didn’t look him in the eyes.

The German and Italian also clashed during the match, with the Tottenham boss booked for celebrating their first equaliser of the game in the face of Tuchel.

But Akinfenwa and Ambrose told talkSPORT they liked seeing that passion between the managers.

“This is what we want to see,” said Akinfenwa joyfully.

“This happens in the EFL all the time.

“It’s a derby and you want to see passion and that. When people all come in it makes it look worse than it is. I actually like that.

“It’s a London derby,” added Ambrose.

“This is heated. They are going to go in, they are going to calm down, there might be a little fracas in the tunnel as well.

“It was heated but for me it wasn’t the worst ending to a match I’ve ever seen.”

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