Ericsson Nigeria To Sack Nigerian Workers, Shift To Indians

Ericsson NigeriaEricsson Nigeria, is set to sack its Nigerian workers by the end of this month. According to reports, the telecoms service provider has served its Nigerian workers sack notice which will take effect by the end of this November.

Indian Take Over

Meanwhile, the affected workers are are required to transfer their knowledge to Indians who will take over their jobs. Most of the workers are attached to the Network Operating Centre (NOC) of the company.

Earlier this year, the company had carried out a similar clear out of Nigerian workers. Then, some part of MTN managed services handled by Ericsson was moved to India. Now, the Indians want to handle more of the services precipitating the recent sack notice to additional workers.

Lax Labour Laws

Ericsson Nigeria has reportedly sacked more workers in Nigeria than other African countries. This is because it is easier to get away with such practice in Nigeria. Jobs are now remotely done from India which means money generated in Nigeria are used to enrich India.


Meanwhile Managing Director of the company, Johan Jemdahl said in its bid to transform, it is reviewing and adjusting cost levels.

“To maintain a leading position, Ericsson is continuously evolving and transforming the way we deliver services, both locally and globally, for the benefit of our customers. Therefore, we constantly review and adjust cost levels as market growth and business needs are changing over time from a global perspective.”

“Transformation is about uncovering opportunities to further leverage global skills and scale to increase efficiencies and reduce cost across the business. This is not something that is happening only here, it is something we are doing on a global, regional and local level in our services business. It is part of being a services company. If and when we have information about any measures to take, we will as always inform affected employees first.”

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