Enugu Varsity Bans Indecent Dressing For Students, Staff

In order to make it easier for faculty and students to be identified, Godfrey Okoye University in Enugu State has outlawed indecent apparel and implemented a new dress code.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Christian Anieke, made this announcement to employees and students on Tuesday as they were returning from Christmas and New Year holidays.

All students are to be attired in their faculty uniforms with suitable ties and shoes going forward, according to Aneke.

“No student is expected to wear flippers, rugged jeans, coloured hair, long fingers, face caps or artificial eye lashes,” he directed.

Anieke voiced her dismay that the majority of students and staff were disobeying the institution’s dress code by donning t-shirts with unauthorized writing.

Male pupils must carefully comb their hair or shave it, he made clear.

The Vice Chancellor disclosed that the university’s administration has instituted qualitative evaluations of every member of the teaching and support personnel.

“Principal officers of the institutions will henceforth visit the lecture halls to assess the lectures by the academic staff while the non teaching staff will submit their roll calls at the beginning and closing of each day’s activities.

“Students who fail to attend lectures will not be allowed to sit for examinations,” Anieke warned.

Aneke also said that the 14th Godfrey Okoye University Enugu matriculation would occur on January 27.

The priest stressed that the pupils must wear acceptable clothing and that no female matriculants would be permitted to wear any shoes that were taller than four centimeters.

He instructed the men to march in suits and ties from their respective universities.

The Vice Chancellor also stated that all students’ first semester exams will start right away following matriculation.

Anieke cited the parents of the students’ requests for their children to stay at home during the general elections as the reason for the early conduct of the exams.

He suggested that young people concentrate on how they might help the country solve its challenges.

The vice chancellor therefore exhorted Nigerians to safeguard their Voters’ Cards and use intelligent judgment when casting their ballots.

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