Ekiti State APC Chairman, Paul Omotosho, is Dead

Paul Omotosho, the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, has tragically passed away after a brief illness in the early hours of Wednesday.

Hailing from Imesi-Ekiti, Omotosho, a prominent figure in Ekiti’s political landscape, was reportedly actively engaged in a series of political meetings on Monday before falling ill.

Sources close to the late politician revealed that he had expressed feeling unwell on Tuesday, prompting his admission to a government hospital in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, where he eventually succumbed to his illness.

The passing of Omotosho comes against the backdrop of his abduction in July 2023, an incident that gripped the region’s political circles. Fortunately, he was released after five harrowing days in captivity.

Omotosho’s demise sends shockwaves throughout Ekiti State, with political figures and citizens alike mourning the loss of a dedicated leader. His contributions to the APC and the broader political landscape of the state are remembered as significant.

As Ekiti State mourns the loss of Omotosho, tributes pour in from across the political spectrum, highlighting the impact of his leadership and the void left by his untimely passing.

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