Ekiti Gov Promotes Investment Opportunities at US-Africa Business Summit

At the 2024 US-Africa Business Summit in Dallas, USA, Ekiti State Governor Biodun Oyebanji seized a prominent platform to highlight the investment potential of his region to a global audience. Addressing a diverse group of business leaders, investors, and policymakers, Governor Oyebanji presented Ekiti State as a promising destination for international capital.

During his session titled “Invest in Nigeria,” Governor Oyebanji showcased several success stories from Ekiti State that underscore its welcoming business environment and burgeoning economic prospects. Notably, he cited the revitalization of Ikogosi Warm Springs led by CAVISTA Holdings, the agricultural advancements at Ikun Dairy Farm through a collaboration with Promasidor, and a substantial $80 million investment from the African Development Bank (AfDB) in the Ekiti Knowledge Zone project.

These examples, according to Governor Oyebanji, are indicative of the state’s potential and the robust opportunities available to investors. He emphasized that Nigeria, and Ekiti State in particular, offers a favorable investment climate ripe for exploration and growth.

The feedback from the summit’s attendees was overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing Governor Oyebanji’s confidence in Ekiti State’s appeal to international investors. This reception is seen as a precursor to increased foreign investment, which the governor views as essential to the state’s development strategy.

Under Governor Oyebanji’s leadership, the local administration is committed to transforming Ekiti into an even more attractive location for business. By improving infrastructure, ensuring regulatory clarity, and fostering a secure environment, the government aims to facilitate the seamless entry and operation of foreign enterprises.

“This is truly the right time to invest in Nigeria, and indeed, the right time to invest in Ekiti,” declared Governor Oyebanji, capturing the essence of his message at the Dallas summit. His pitch did not just highlight current achievements but also set the stage for future partnerships that could drive significant economic growth in the region.

The strategic positioning of Ekiti State at such international forums is part of a broader effort by Nigeria to attract more foreign direct investment. The country continues to position itself as a gateway to not only its domestic markets but also the wider West African region.

Governor Oyebanji’s address at the US-Africa Business Summit reflects a proactive approach in reaching out to the global investment community, promoting Ekiti State not only as a location with vast potential but as a current success story in the making. As Ekiti looks to capitalize on this growing interest, the local government’s dedication to supporting investors could well catalyze the region’s development and reshape its economic landscape.

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