Education, Skills Are Key in Nigeria’s Battle Against Poverty, Hunger – Shettima

Vice President Kashim Shettima has emphasized the critical role of education and skills development as potent solutions to address the persistent challenges of poverty and hunger in Nigeria. This revelation came during discussions with a delegation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, led by Mr. Rodger Voorhies, President of its Global Growth and Opportunity Division.

Shettima drew attention to the pressing issue of climate change and its adverse effects on agricultural productivity, stressing the need for the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices to ensure food security for Nigeria’s burgeoning population.

Urging strategic collaboration, Shettima called upon the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to partner with the Nigerian government to enhance agricultural productivity, bolster nutrition, and fortify the education sector. He specifically highlighted the importance of supporting President Bola Tinubu’s gender empowerment initiatives, especially those directed towards the empowerment of the girl child, considering them as crucial components in Nigeria’s poverty alleviation efforts.

Expressing gratitude for the foundation’s significant contributions, particularly in polio eradication and primary healthcare delivery, Vice President Shettima underscored the foundation’s pivotal role in the nation’s progress.

Shettima stressed the centrality of education and skills development in tackling poverty and hunger, urging the foundation to collaborate with the Nigerian government to expand access to quality education and provide opportunities for skills development, particularly in the agricultural sector.

President of the Global Growth and Opportunity Division, Rodger Voorhies, commended the Tinubu administration’s initiatives on food security and healthcare delivery. He affirmed the foundation’s commitment to supporting efforts aimed at achieving the set goals and objectives, signaling a strengthened collaboration with Nigeria across priority sectors under the new administration.

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