Edo LP Confident Ahead Of LG Polls

Edo State’s Labour Party is confident in securing a significant number of local government areas in the upcoming local government elections.

Emphasizing the importance of a fair and transparent process, the party urges the Edo State Electoral Commission to ensure a level playing field for all political parties involved.

During a press conference in Benin, Dr. Oghogho Okundaye, a prominent leader and chieftain of the Labour Party in Edo State, expressed satisfaction with the party’s successful primary election.

The party is optimistic about its prospects in the elections, relying on its strong grassroots support, particularly among the youth population.

He said, “Again, we have seen where the sitting party emerges winner in all local government areas in the state but we are not disturbed by that, we are relying on the organic network that we have as a party.

“It is no longer news that the Labour Party is well-liked and loved and the strength of the youth and the movement that the youths constitute in our politics today gives us the advantage that no other political party has. So, we are confident that we will be putting up a good showing in the forthcoming local government election.

“All that we are asking is that the process be fair. If the process is fair, given what Labour Party stands for, given what we’ve been able to demonstrate in the previous elections regardless of the outcome of the elections, we are confident that Labour Party will emerge the winner of many of the local government areas in this state,” he added.

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