Eddy Remedy Disputes Eedris Abdulkareem’s Claims on The Remedies’ Origins

Amidst recent assertions by his former bandmate Eedris Abdulkareem regarding the formation of The Remedies, veteran singer Eddy Remedy has stepped forward to offer a differing narrative, asserting his role as the sole founder of the now-defunct band.

Abdulkareem, in a recent podcast interview, had contended that he and Eddy were the original members of The Remedies and only extended an invitation to Tony Tetuila out of sympathy after encountering him at a show in Ilorin, Kwara State.

However, during a recent interview with Daddy Freeze, Eddy Remedy presented a contrasting account, refuting the circumstances under which Tetuila joined the group. He clarified that Tetuila’s inclusion did not occur in Ilorin, but rather at his apartment in Lagos, where Abdulkareem introduced him.

According to Eddy Remedy, it was his initiative to invite Abdulkareem into the group, who in turn brought Tetuila along. Eddy Remedy further disclosed his discovery that Abdulkareem had allegedly solicited funds from Tetuila’s parents under the guise of nurturing their son’s career.

The veteran singer highlighted the repercussions of Abdulkareem’s actions, suggesting that Tetuila’s parents were misled into believing they were the primary sponsors of the group, whereas Eddy Remedy claimed sole financial responsibility for The Remedies.

Eddy Remedy said, “That boy (Eedris Abdulkareem) is a greedy boy. He has always been greedy. I formed the group and invited him into the group. The day he was coming, he brought Tony [Tetuila]. I had never met Tony in my life. I just saw a guy limping behind him.

“When they got into my room, I asked him, ‘Who is this man?’ He now introduced Tony that he has been with him all this while. That was when Eedris was supposed to tell me that Tony’s parents have given him some money and he told them that he will take him to wherever he is going. He didn’t tell me that. The rumours first started when we were on tour that Tony’s parents were sponsoring the group. No, they were not sponsoring the group. I had $5,000 that my parents sent to me from America in 1997. They sent me that money to come and meet them but I insisted that I was to stay back in Nigeria to pursue my music career after graduating from Yaba Tech. I used that money to sponsor the group throughout that period.”

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