Economic Hardship: Tinubu’s Supporters, Appointees Are Hiding – Bwala

Former spokesman for the defunct Atiku-Okowa presidential campaign organisation, Daniel Bwala, has said supporters and appointees of President Bola Tinubu are hiding instead of appealing to Nigerians amid the economic hardship in the country.

In a post on X, Bwala stated that Tinubu has enough facts and figures to show his effort at ameliorating the hardship.

He said, “If you are a supporter of President Bola Tinubu, or you are his appointee in whatever capacity, or you are a member of his party APC or you are a believer of his vision, or A LOVER OF NIGERIA, this is the time to come out and speak for him in appealing to Nigerians to be patient in this hard times of reform agenda. There are enough facts and figures to support his efforts.

“Stop the ducking and dodging because of possible backlash, insults and criticisms. True loyalty is defined by sacrifices and commitment. No glory without story; no gain without pain. We are all patriotic citizens in this efforts together.

“The truth is there is no money to defend the naira and subsidy at the same time. There is an economy angle to IMF policy that advocates for “strong country ownership” meaning tele-guide the implementation to suit your local circumstances and not to be bullied by IMF; which explains why part subsidy is returned.

“Citizens are encouraged to call out any area of corruption and mismanagement in governance affairs, PBAT is ready to take action against any person found culpable.

“Companies and Organizations benefiting from tax breaks are called upon to contribute monies, food and healthcare needs at this difficult times to the vulnerable of the society, because the times are really hard.

“There are enough evidence about countries that had a somewhat downward trend because of this types of reforms and bounced back. We shall bounce back people; stay hopeful.”

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