D’Tigress Qualify for Paris Olympics Despite Loss to US

Nigeria’s women’s basketball team, D’Tigress, have secured a spot in the upcoming 2024 Olympics in Paris despite a challenging journey in the qualifiers. Despite a substantial loss of 46-100 to the United States during the Olympics qualifier held in Antwerp, the team’s determined performance ensured their qualification.

The crucial turning point came on Thursday when D’Tigress secured a pivotal victory over Senegal. This triumph proved instrumental in solidifying their path to the Olympics, showcasing the team’s resilience and determination on the court.

The qualification was further cemented by Senegal’s 97-66 defeat to Belgium, which ultimately paved the way for both Belgium and Nigeria to earn their spots in the prestigious Olympic tournament. The United States, already qualified as World Champions, displayed formidable prowess throughout the qualifiers.

Despite the setback against the US, D’Tigress exhibited commendable sportsmanship and unwavering resolve, demonstrating their capability to compete at the highest level of international basketball. Their journey to the Olympics serves as a testament to their dedication and passion for the sport, inspiring fans and supporters across Nigeria and beyond.

As they prepare to represent their nation on the global stage in Paris, D’Tigress carries with them the hopes and aspirations of a proud and enthusiastic fanbase. Their qualification marks a significant achievement for women’s basketball in Nigeria and underscores the team’s potential to make a mark on the international scene.

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