Don’t Impose Another Lockdown, Anglican Bishop Tells FG

Bishop Olumakaiye

The Diocesan Bishop of Lagos, Anglican Communion, the Rt. Rev. Humphrey Olumakaiye has advised the Federal Government against imposing another lockdown in Nigeria.

In a new year message, Olumakaiye lamented the effect of COVID-19 on businesses in the country.

He advised the government to look for ways to manage the situation to prevent people from expressing their anger.

Olumakaiye said, “As the second wave of the COVID-19 is spreading, we strongly advise the government not to think of a second lockdown, but to rather look for better ways of maintaining the safety protocols till we recover from this pandemic. There is palpable anger in the land because of poverty. Many people have also lost fortunes this year due to the pandemic and several others vehemently doubt the reality of the virus. As such, to forestall avoidable protests that may be worse than the ENDSARS protests, the government should try to manage the situation in the best ways possible to enable the people to live their normal life.”

He added, “One obvious and indisputable fact is that year 2020 was unprecedented in the lives of this generation. It came with lots of challenges globally and affected all aspects of human lives. In our nation, Nigeria, it was particularly biting as socialisation, which is a major lifestyle, became redefined. Jobs were lost and means of livelihood threatened as a result of biting recession. However, in the midst of the seeming tales of woes are positives that we must take with us into the year 2021.

He advised leaders to ensure they render selfless service to struggling Nigerians in the new year.

“I call upon all in position of leadership starting with our President to realize that all powers belong to God; and those to whom He gives it to as a privilege, they should realize that it comes with responsibilities, as they will render a full account. I plead with them to stop all selfishness and embrace selflessness in order to get the approval of God and man. Power is very transient but the impact and effect on those on which it is wielded remains unforgettable whether it is for good or for bad. All men in leadership positions should strive to leave a lasting positive legacy.”

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