Don’t Focus On Negative Comments By Cyberbullies – Bisola

BisolaBy Rashidat Akashat

Big Brother Naija star, Bisola, has urged co-celebrities to shun negative comments from cyberbullies, adding that she is also a victim of cyberbullying.

The budding singer and actress, who is also well known as an Ambassador of ONE Campaign, stressed that cyberbullying is a terrible thing.

Speaking during an interview with Planet Radio TV, she said:

“Cyber-bullying is a terrible thing and you have a lot of people even friends who ‘Diss’ their friends by creating fake accounts.

She explained further that she has also been a victim of cyberbullying and that “it’s a terrible thing.”

“Personally, I just shut them out. Not many people will be like me or will have the ability like the other strong people to overlook it. Don’t focus on the negative comments because cyber- bullying has led to a lot of suicide cases.

“It’s a terrible thing.” she further stressed, stating that she really wishes and prays that people can change their mindset.

“Don’t be evil, don’t be mean to someone just because you feel you can hide behind a phone and say all sorts of things. It is really not worth it. What do you gain really? When you are done saying all of that, what do you gain? Has it made the world a better place?” she quizzed.

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