Don’t Expect Free Rams After Office, Saraki Tells Outgoing Governors

During a farewell dinner held in Abuja for 18 outgoing governors, former Senate President Bukola Saraki delivered a message emphasizing the transient nature of power.

Saraki, who himself served as a governor of Kwara State, urged the departing governors to be mindful of the challenges they may face as they transition out of office and enter a new phase of life.

“When you are no longer governor, allow your successor to do their work. Go back to your families. I am sure your wives, children, and grandchildren are counting the days. You are bracing up for a new phase of life which is completely different.”

“Spend more time with your families. Save your money for hampers and rams because they won’t come as usual,” he said.

“Although the adjustment to everyday life can be challenging, you must embrace this change with a positive outlook.”

Saraki said the new governors should be reminded that they have been elected in their various states to serve.

“As new leaders prepare to take the helm of affairs across the nation, I want to remind them that Nigeria is facing numerous economic, political, and social challenges that demand collective action,” he said.

“Rest assured that we, your older colleagues, are rooting for you and praying for your success as you navigate the challenges that come with governing.”

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