Don’t Date An Unemployed Woman With High Maintenance – Reno Omokri Warns Men

Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has advised men to desist from dating unemployed women who live a high maintenance lifestyle.

According to I, only a foolish man dates a woman who does not have any source of livelihood but demands to be treated with high maintenance.

Omokri who shared on Twitter further advised men to focus on achieving greatness, like a tree with fruit, then women would gather around them.

He wrote, “Dating an unemployed female who is also high maintenance is one of the wrongest moves you can make. It is like paying to carry a burden. Listen, women are not rare. 50% of the population are women. Stop dating a liability no matter her sensuality!.

“Never think that relationships with women are hard to get. Not true. Success is hard to get. A job is hard to get. Millionaire status is hard to get. Prioritise. Focus on things that are hard to get. Once your tree has fruit, women will gather under it!.”

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