Don’t Accept Money From Unexplained Sources, Osinbajo Urges Churches

Former Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has called on churches to diligently investigate the sources of donations they receive.

Speaking at the inaugural lecture in honor of the late senior pastor of Fountain Life Church, Taiwo Odukoya, on June 15, Osinbajo emphasized the importance of transparency and ethical standards in religious institutions.

Addressing attendees, Osinbajo underscored the critical role of churches in fostering integrity and accountability within their congregations. He urged religious leaders to ensure that donations come from legitimate and ethical sources, reinforcing the need for financial transparency within the church.

The former Vice President who gave a lecture titled ‘Strengthening the Christian voice in government or public office’, said; “How often do those who receive money from politicians and from other sources ask the source of the money?

“So the question is not how many Christians are in government, business, or professions? The question is, what are they equipped with?

“What are the relevant principles of the gospel that they know and apply in their daily and professional or public lives?”

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