Does Killing Nigerien Babies Bring Glory To Our Name By Fani-Kayode

Outside of that it is interesting to note that our French allies & partners, who are amongst those western powers that want us to bring the Nigeriens to their knees & even attack them, recently described Russia’s targetting of power grids in Ukraine & denying the Ukrainians gas to power their electricity supply as a “war crime” & “crime against humanity” yet they are encouraging Nigeria to do the same to Niger.

When will the application of these double standards by our French friends stop?

Just in case anyone is in any doubt about the high handedness & excesses of the French in Africa permit me to conclude with the strong words and powerful admonition served to French President Emmanuel Macron by Giorgia Meloni, the courageous, passionate & stunningly beautiful Italian Prime Minister.

In a blistering & thunderous speech she exclaimed the following words with orgasmic passion,

“Macron, your France undermined & destroyed the good relationship we had with Gaddafi, destroyed Libya, unleashed a wave of refugees & immigrants into Europe and appropriated the resources of African countries & plundered their wealth. Children & the underaged work in feudal & inhuman conditions in Niger just for you to take a big percentage of their uranium that powers your electricity & nuclear reactors. Niger has no light & are dirt poor all because of your policies ”

What a lady! She has said it all!

Now just in case we doubt her let us consider the words of a towering figure like the former French President Jaques Chirac who said the following at the 21st France/Africa Summit in Yaounde, Cameroons in 2001 where 30 Heads of States were gathered.

He said,

“While speaking of Africa, we must check our memory. We started draining the continent four & a half centuries ago with the slave trade. Next, we discovered their raw materials and seized them. Having deprived Africans of their wealth, we sent in our elites who destroyed their culture. Now, we are depriving them of their brains thanks to scholarships which are definitely another form of exploitation because, at the end, the most intelligent students do not go back to their countries. In the end, noticing that Africa is not in a good state and as bonuses for the wealth we made on its back, we are giving lectures” (Canard Enchainé, January 24, 2001).

If there were ever a public admission and confession of neo-colonial & imperialist malfeasance & malevolence by a reverred & highly respected French leader and collossal figure, this is it.

He was honest, candid & forthright about his nation’s egregious & pernicious atrocities & outrageous policies in Africa & we commend him for that.

Yet this begs the question: are these the French on whose behalf ECOWAS is considering fighting a war & invading a brother African nation?

The west may have many African leaders in their pockets & eating out of their hands but the hearts, minds & souls of the overwhelming majority of the African people are with Vladimer Putin & the Russian Federation who are now perceived, rightly or wrongly, as the champions of the oppressed & the architects of a new & just world order.

There is a wind of change blowing in Africa & indeed the world today & every vestige of neo-colonialism, imperialism, pseudo-fascism, economic bondage & fiscal subjugation shall be blown away with & by it.

We have seen this happen with the meteoric & laudable rise in power, glory and influence of the formidable BRICS block of nation’s which include China, Russia, India, Brazil & South Africa & the admission of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Argentina, Iran & Ethiopia into that elite club of rising economic powers & giants just a few days ago.

They seek to set themselves free & shatter the shackles of economic dominance & fiscal tyranny of America, the UK, the EU & all the other western powers & their allies.

They seek to set themselves free and shatter the shackles of economic dominance and fiscal tyranny of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union and all the other western powers and their allies.

Again we have seen this happen in Mali, Guniea, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad and Sudan where the quest for freedom from the bondage of former colonial masters like the French and corrupt puppet African leaders and Governments led to military coups.

Regardless of the legitimate concerns of ECOWAS I expect the same to happen in Togo, Ivory Coast, Cameroons and possibly one or two other Franco-phone countries in the not too distant future simply because each is bedevilled with sit tight, vicious, undemocratic, unelected rulers and tyrants, because the resentment against the French in those countries is palpable and overwhelming and because the desire for Russian support and friendship is astounding.

Nations like Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Senegal and Liberia may thankfully not be in danger of military intervention because they have a measure of legitimacy and because they came to power through an ostensibly credible democratic process but their Governments and leaders MUST be very wary of the level of suspicion, hatred, disdain and contempt that the ordinary people have for the Western neo-colonialists and imperialists that appear to bring so much power and influence to bear over their nations’ affairs and for those that are seen as weak, corrupt puppet-leaders who are prepared to put western interests before that of their own country.

These leaders and Government’s cannot and must not make the mistake of being seen or regarded as the Chief Poodle, Chief Enforcer, Chief Slave, Chief Slave-Driver or the grovelling and snivelling “yes bwana”, “yes massa” Chief House n*gger of the western powers in the West African sub region.

ECOWAS MUST be perceived as a body that brings Africans together and settles their differences in a diplomatic and civilised manner and not a body that can be used by the French, Americans, British, EU or anyone else to exploit us, to further and protect western interests and to fight proxy wars on their behalf.

Frankly the only ones that I can vouch for in this respect are Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo who I do not believe would ever consciously and willingly sell their people down the river.

Whatever the case we must not allow any country in the West African sub-region to be turned into a Zaire under Mobutu Sese Seko or to a Central African Republic under Jeane Bedie Bokassa.

That is the French formula and it must never take root here.

May God guide our leaders!

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