Doctors Protest Unpaid Entitlements

Doctors under the Nigerian Medical Association have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to pay their entitlements or face their wrath.

They maintained that their entitlements are non-negotiable and must be paid without any further delay as it was backed by the National Health Act of 2014.

The doctors, led by NMA President, Dr. Mike Ogirima marched to the Presidential Village in line with the Annual Physicians week. However, they were stopped by armed security personnel before they could approach the seat of power.

They aggrieved medical personnel threatened legal action if the presidency fail to implement the National Health Act in the 2017 budget.

They also promised a bi-weekly protest walk to the Presidential Villa until their demand is meant.

Ogirima lamented the abandoned National Health Act was signed into law in 2014, the by the federal government.

“Non implementation of the National Health Act, 2024, which provides for not less than one percent consolidated revenue fund as basic health care provision fund has further worsened the travail of the health sector particularly at the grassroots where the greater burden of the health sector resides. It has also added to the financial burden of the citizens in their quest to seek quality health care which in most cases is non-existent.”

“Given the way they have treated us, we are left with no other option than to embark on this protest to draw attention to our situation. We will compel Mr. President to do what the law stipulates.”

“We shall take the government to court if these laws are not implemented. You will agree with me that at a time like this when money is difficult to come by, out-of-pocket expenditure for health services by individuals at the point of service becomes a big challenge. Unfortunately, over 70% of health care expenditure in this country is borne out of pocket.”

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