Doctor Jumps Off Third Mainland Bridge

man- jumps-lagos-lagoon
The deceased’s SUV

A man reported to be a medical doctor, on Sunday, took a plunge from the Third Mainland Bridge into the lagoon.

The man’s driver told sympathisers that his boss asked him to pull over on the third mainland bridge and without warning climbed over the protector and took a plunge into the lagoon.

The driver was also reported to have told sympathisers that there was no sign that anything was wrong with his boss as they were actually returning from church.

“The driver parked the car, the doctor came down and immediately jumped into the Lagoon.” an eyewitness said.

The incident happened around 4pm on the Yaba-Ebute Metta end of the bridge.

Rescue team arrived the scene of the incident with ambulances but were of no use as they had no diver on board.

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