Djokovic Declines ‘GOAT’ Label Despite Grand Slam Record

Novak Djokovic has rebuffed any notion of declaring himself the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in tennis, despite surpassing all male players in Grand Slam singles titles and potentially setting numerous records.

The Serbian tennis maestro cited respect for the sport’s illustrious history and the many greats it has produced as reasons for his reluctance to claim the title.

Djokovic’s remarks came in response to a question posed by his longtime rival, Nick Kyrgios, shedding light on his humility and reverence for the game’s heritage.

He said, “For me it’s so hard to have this discussion but I think when it comes to tennis, I enjoy people talking about it. And the reason why – the more people talk about it, the more discussion there is towards tennis, so the more tennis benefits from that and as a tennis player, I want that for my sport, I want more children involved in the sport.

“But I will never say who I think the GOAT is in tennis, I will never say that, I’ll leave it to others. Mostly out of respect to all the greats and all the champions in all the generations before us.”

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