DJ Spinall Recounts Jay-Z Booking Him for the “Wildest Party” Ever

Nigerian disc jockey Oluseye Desmond Sodamola, widely known as Spinall, recently revealed an incredible story about his experience working with American hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

In a candid interview, Spinall recounted the time when Jay-Z personally booked him to perform at what he described as the “wildest party” he had ever done.

According to Spinall, the journey began when he received an unexpected call from Jay-Z’s team. The hip-hop icon had heard about Spinall’s exceptional DJ skills and wanted to bring him all the way from Lagos, Nigeria, to Los Angeles for a grand event. Overwhelmed with excitement, Spinall and his team immediately prepared themselves for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Soon after, Spinall found himself on a plane, soaring across continents towards the City of Angels. As he stepped foot on American soil, he couldn’t help but feel a mix of nerves and anticipation. Little did he know that this experience would become one of the most memorable moments of his career.

Arriving at the venue, Spinall was in awe of the extravagant setup and the vibrant energy that filled the air. The event was everything he had imagined, and more. As he took the stage, the crowd roared with excitement, eagerly awaiting the start of an unforgettable night. Spinall’s infectious beats and expertly crafted mixes quickly had the audience dancing and losing themselves in the music.

After the electrifying performance, Spinall had the chance to meet Jay-Z himself. The hip-hop mogul expressed his admiration for Spinall’s talent and thanked him for his exceptional contribution to the party. But the surprises didn’t end there. Jay-Z made sure to compensate Spinall and his team generously for their outstanding performance, ensuring they received full payment for their services.

Filled with gratitude and excitement, Spinall emphasized that he possesses tangible evidence to support his claims. He assured fans that he plans to unveil this proof on his next album, leaving them eagerly awaiting its release.

DJ Spinall’s extraordinary journey from Lagos to Los Angeles and his unforgettable encounter with Jay-Z highlights the global reach and impact of music. It serves as a testament to the power of talent, hard work, and the opportunities that can arise when one’s skills catch the attention of industry titans.


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