DG Urges Procurement Professionals to Prioritize Integrity, Transparency

In a crucial address preceding the mandatory examination of the 2023 Continuous Procurement Capacity Development Training Programme (CPCDTP), Mamma Ahmadu, the Director General of the Bureau of Public Procurement, emphasized the paramount importance of integrity and transparency in all procurement dealings.

Addressing participants after their intensive three-week strategic capacity training, Ahmadu commended their zeal and urged them to apply the knowledge gained in their respective organizations. Stressing the need to positively impact procurement processes and contribute to economic improvement, Ahmadu urged participants to adhere to the exam guidelines provided.

Representing the DG, Mr. Olusegun Omotola, Director of Legal in the Bureau, echoed the call for upholding ethical standards in procurement practices. The Bureau’s emphasis on integrity serves as a cornerstone in achieving better results and fostering economic growth.

Prior to the examination, Mr. Adebowale Adedokun, Director of Research, Training, and Strategic Planning at the Bureau, warned participants against improper behavior or actions contrary to the exam guidelines. He emphasized the practical application of the training received during the three weeks.

Adedokun outlined the threefold purpose of the examination: first, to prepare participants for their roles as procurement officers, aligning with the strategic objectives of their organizations. Second, to assess their understanding of the procurement process. Lastly, the examination serves as a formal induction into the procurement cadre.

The call for integrity and transparency resonates as a core principle, ensuring that procurement professionals contribute to organizational success and, by extension, economic development. As these professionals undergo testing, the emphasis on ethical conduct remains a guiding force in reshaping the landscape of public procurement.

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