Dele Momodu Cautions Wike Amid Rift With Atiku

Ovation magazine boss, Dele Momodu, has advised Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, not to destroy a bridge after crossing the river.

He revealed that he had watched in recent months with trepidation and is scared about Wike’s inability to comprehend the country called Nigeria.

He said this amid the rift between Wike and former vice president Atiku Abubakar who defeated him at the Peoples Democratic Party presidential primary.

He wrote, “You must have underrated how the owners of Nigeria operate. I studied the biography of CHIEF OBAFEMI AWOLOWO. I was an insider the June 12 1993 crisis, and a veritable witness to the tribulations of my grear mentor, CHIEF MOSHOOD ABIOLA. Closer home, you must have seen how your predecessor, DR PETER ODILI, was stopped in his tracks in 2007.

“You’re certainly one of Nigeria’s best performing Governors, if not the best. Personally, I’m very proud of your uncommon achievements. I know you are very angry. It is your right to be. But I’m begging you in the name of God not to take decisions based on anger… Nigeria has been very kind to you. Rivers State has been extremely generous to you. GOD has blessed you beyond imagination. You have such a beautiful family. Your people love you stupendously for services delivered to them. PDP has been your solid platform. You should never destroy a bridge after crossing the river. Even if you no longer need the bridge, what of your friends and family? I pray you kill this excessive and perpetual ANGER. It is getting out of hand. Most people around you will keep quiet for fear of losing patronage. Many politicians survive only on power. My Brother, I love you. But someone must be able to tell you the truth. No General fights on too many fronts. Please, apply the brakes, before it is too late.”

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