DEA Launches Manhunt For Nigerian-American Oluwasheun Akorede

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has initiated a nationwide manhunt for Oluwasheun Akorede, a Nigerian-American who stands accused of drug trafficking.

The DEA has labelled Akorede as their “Fugitive of the Week,” intensifying efforts to apprehend him.

Social Media Alert: Fugitive of the Week Goes Viral

On June 16, the DEA took to Twitter, utilizing the hashtag #FugitiveFriday, to publicize the search for Akorede. The official DEA account, @DEAHQ, shared Akorede’s photograph and relevant personal information, urging the online community to assist in his capture.

This online campaign aims to raise awareness and gather crucial leads to aid law enforcement agencies in tracking down fugitive.

Details of Suspect Released by DEA

In an official statement released on Tuesday, the DEA provided an extensive bio and physical description of the wanted individual. Oluwasheun Akorede, aged 69, was last sighted in Brooklyn, NY.

Standing at a height of 5’11” with black hair and brown eyes, Akorede fits the description provided by witnesses and surveillance footage.

The DEA emphasized the significance of public involvement in combating drug-related crimes and urged individuals to report any information anonymously.

They highlighted the importance of providing tips to their agency, emphasizing that anonymity would be fully protected. By encouraging the public to come forward, the DEA aims to establish a collaborative effort in ensuring the arrest and subsequent prosecution of Akorede.

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