David Hundeyin Slams Burna Boy After Night Club Shooting

Investigative journalist, David Hundeyin, has blasted singer Burna Boy following news of a shooting at a night club in Lagos.

The police orderlies attached to the singer were said to have shot at fun seekers at the night club while the singer allegedly watched.

Reacting, Hundeyin in a series of social media posts, said Burna Boy was only acting like a gangster which he is not.

He wrote, “I’m sure if you take @burnaboy’s security away and put him in the same room with the actual kind of gangsta he’s always roleplaying, he will wet himself.

“Insecure idiot that went to Corona School but is out here waving guns and acting like the hardman he absolutely is not.

“Foolish child that went to the same school with Yemi Osinbajo but is out here forming Port Harcourt street boy and laughing while his security shoots innocent people just minding their business.

“One day that street you love to roleplay so much will catch you. One day.

“Which nonsense PH boy vibe? This òdè that was classroom olodo at Corona School? Born and raised in Lagos. Spoiled brat!”

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