Customs Staff College Showcases African Study Tour Exhibition

The Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College (NCCSC) students of Senior Course 9 held a captivating exhibition showcasing the highlights of their African Study Tour (AST).

The exhibition, which was organized on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, featured a brief historical background as well as the curation of artifacts, national symbols, dresses, currencies, food and souvenirs of their host countries.

In a statement signed by Superintendent of Customs, Akinwale Fatoki, the Public Relations Officer of the Training Doctrine Command, Gwagwalada, stated that the initiative aims to enhance their experiences and knowledge while strengthening regional cooperation and integration.

Fifty students were divided into 4 groups and embarked on the tour to 4 African countries: Tunisia, Ghana, Gambia and Mozambique from 2nd-6th October 2023.

Highlighting the African Study Tour, Team Tunisia’s exhibition featured the Tunisian National Flag and various artifacts.

Chief Superintendent of Customs, Olufemi Tanimowo Oludimu, explained the symbolism behind the flag’s colors, linking red to the Crusades, white to peace, and the crescent with a five-pointed star to Islam.

Team Ghana displayed the Ghanaian National Flag and art articles, including the Jumbe drum, Atenteben flute, Thamsanqa mask, Three Wise Monkeys, Alomo Bitters, cooked Ghana jollof, and the Kente material.

CSC Ugochukwu Nwaogwugwu, the Team Curator, described the national flag as a horizontal tri-band of red, yellow and green adopted at Ghana’s independence in 1957.

Team Gambia, which was represented by CSC Ameh Udoh, equally displayed art articles like the Sabbar drum, Tama drum, Ku-un-go boat, Tafiya, Kora string, Bambo Crocodile and cooked Wolof jollof originating from the Wolof tribe of Gambia.

Also, team Mozambique played the National Anthem of Mozambique, after which CSC A Kawuyo explained the significance of the Mozambique national flag, which is a horizontal tricolor of green, white-edged black and yellow.

Following the exhibition, Deputy Commandant and Director of Studies, Comptroller Oluyomi Abolaji Adebakin, expressed her gratitude to the teams for their outstanding presentations. She commended the students for not only conducting a thorough research tour but also for delving into the socio-economic and cultural aspects of their host countries.

Adebakin reiterated the commitment of the Comptroller General of Customs to the continuous capacity building of Officers and Men.

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