Cultism: Obaseki Identifies Homicide Surge as Top Security Challenge

In a pivotal Security Council Meeting, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State highlighted the alarming spike in homicides, marking it as the most pressing security concern for the state. The comprehensive review, spanning from July to December 2023, revealed a troubling escalation primarily linked to cult-related activities and potential community clashes.

Governor Obaseki expressed his commitment to collaborative efforts with security agencies to eradicate all forms of crime and criminality within the state. Welcoming the newly deployed Commander of the 4 Brigade Nigerian Army, Brigadier General Ebenezer O. Oduyebo, and the Commissioner of Police for Edo State, Funso Adegboye, the governor assured them of unwavering support in their mission to restore law and order.

During the meeting, data analysis unveiled the intricate dynamics contributing to the surge in homicides, prompting a call for targeted strategies and increased vigilance. Governor Obaseki emphasized the need for a united front against these security challenges, urging citizens to actively participate in maintaining a secure environment.

The involvement of the military and police leadership in the security discourse underscores the gravity of the situation. The governor’s reassurance of support for the newly appointed officials reflects a determination to address the root causes of crime and enhance the overall safety of Edo State.

As the state grapples with this security crisis, the Security Council Meeting sets the tone for a coordinated and proactive approach to ensure the well-being of Edo residents. The collaborative efforts between the government and security agencies aim to foster a safer environment, free from the grips of escalating criminal activities.

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