COVID-19: Schools May Be Shut Down If… – PTF

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has threatened to shut down schools if there continues to be a hike in the number of positive people in Nigeria.

This is according to the PTF National Incident Manager, Mukhtar Muhammed, who spoke in an interview on NTA,

Muhammed said, “The issue of school reopening is something that the PTF has discussed very extensively. The ministry of education decided to open the schools. Based on our own understanding, it was the states that actually wanted to have the schools reopened.

“Now, the PTF is watching this very closely, we are monitoring what is going on and if we find out that cases continue to rise in the country and we start to have incidences in schools, certainly, we will have the schools closed.

“In the first instance, we should have delayed opening of the schools but now that the schools are opened, the PTF will continue to monitor very closely with all the schools to ensure that they institute measures and ensure that people follow as much as possible.”

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