Couple Cuts Baby From A Pregnant Woman

Thaina da Silva Pinto (L) is accused of killing Rayanni (R) and her baby (Photo: Matt Roper)

Brazilian couple who couldn’t have children but wanted one, have been arrested for killing a pregnant 22-year-old woman and her baby after cutting her belly.

According to the UK Mirror, Thaina Da Silva 21 and Fabio Luiz Lima, who have been married for three years lured pregnant Rayanni Christini Costa to their home, under the pretext of donating charitable items to her.

Thaina Da Silva, in her bid to have babies, pretended to be pregnant and even went as far as posting pregnant pictures of herself and baby bump.

She then created a WhatsApp group under the guise of providing charitable items for pregnant women.

Rayanni Christi was not the first to get an invite to Thaina Da Silva’s Rio De Janeiro home, but other invitees who had shown up with an escort or friend met a cancellation of their invitation.

Unfortunately, Rayanni who went alone after stopping at the creche to drop her daughter off, met her end.

CCTV footage, showed that Rayanni had met Thaina at the train station, after a conversation which appears like Thaina convincing Rayanni to accompany her home, then they both went to Rio De Janeiro where she was killed.

Upon arrest and further investigation, the couple had a knife with blood on it, a room with the lifeless body of Rayanni and her baby in their pool of blood in the couple’s home.

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