Corruption Persists in Nigeria Due to ‘Corrupt Mindset’ – Bisi Akande

Former Osun State Governor, Adebisi Akande, asserted that the persistent challenge of corruption in Nigeria can be attributed to the entrenched “corrupt mindset” prevailing among the populace. The 85-year-old politician shared his views during an interaction with journalists at his Ila-Orangun residence on Saturday, marking his 85th birthday.

Akande, a key figure in the establishment of the All Progressives Congress (APC), expressed his belief that successive administrations in Nigeria have grappled with combating corruption due to the deeply ingrained attitudes of the citizens. He emphasized that the fight against corruption would remain futile unless there is a collective shift in the mindset of Nigerians, urging for a greater embrace of dedication and hard work.

As the pioneer Interim National Chairman of the APC, Akande went on to lament the prevalent preference for shortcuts over hard work among many Nigerians. He argued that prosperity could not be achieved through leadership alone and emphasized the crucial role of a societal commitment to diligence.

He further said, “In Nigeria, corruption is not the first thing to fight otherwise you get perished. The mindset is corrupt.

“The man who wants prosperity by miracle is corrupt. You want to own a car or house by miracle, you are already a corrupt man.

“In a country where everybody is corrupt, who is that leader, who will bell the cat?

“So you are only blaming the leader, but you are corrupt yourself. Go to religious circle, everybody wants comfort without work.

“The present generation doesn’t want to work. They want everything by miracle. Such a community can never be prosperous. No leader can make them prosperous.

“They will just be blaming government. A country where everybody is corrupt like Nigeria, nobody can solve the problem.”

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