Complete Ongoing Reforms, Buhari Charges ECOWAS

President Muhammadu Buhari mourns Mrs Joanna Ebun Kehinde, mother of frontline journalist and Publisher of City People Magazine, Mr Seye Kehinde.

The President condoles with the entire Kehinde family, noting that though their mother lived to the very ripe age of 93 years, “we don’t usually want mothers to go, no matter how old they are. They are jewels and treasures that we wish to have around, if possible, forever.”

President Buhari lauds the quality of life lived by the matriarch, an accomplished civil servant, who retired 30 years ago.

He urged the younger generation to learn from the life and times of the late social worker, devout Christian, mother and disciplinarian, “who has left her footprints on the sands on time, with the focus of her social work being women and children.”

The President urged the Kehinde family to strive to keep the works and memory of their late mother alive and evergreen for all times.

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