Committee Constituted to Assess Ongoing Projects In Kaduna

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has taken a proactive step towards ensuring the timely completion of all ongoing projects in the state. In line with the government’s commitment to prioritize these projects, the governor has approved the formation of a committee tasked with determining the status of ongoing projects as well as those in the pipeline.

A Comprehensive Review to Expedite Progress

The committee, led by Sabiu Sani, the Special Adviser for Investment & Promotion, has been given a clear mandate to assess the current state of each project. Their responsibilities include scrutinizing contractual agreements and obligations, examining the funding arrangements, and assessing the commitment of all involved parties. Additionally, the committee will determine the projected completion period of each project and present specific recommendations within a four-week timeframe.

Muhammad Lawal Shehu, Chief Press Secretary to the governor, affirmed the government’s determination to expedite the completion of priority projects. By conducting a comprehensive review of ongoing initiatives, the committee aims to identify any challenges or obstacles that may hinder progress. This proactive approach reflects the state government’s unwavering commitment to delivering timely and successful outcomes.

Committee Members Appointed

The committee comprises a team of esteemed individuals who bring diverse expertise to the table. In addition to Sabiu Sani, the committee chairman, other members include Dr. Abdullahi B. Ahmed, Special Adviser for Project Monitoring, Implementation, and Result Delivery; Dr. Mustapha Musa, Special Adviser for Legal Affairs; Fabian Okoye, Special Adviser for Research, Documentation & Strategy; Ibrahim T. Muhammad, Special Adviser for Economic Matters; Atiku Sankey, Special Adviser for Peace and Conflict Resolution; Larai Ishaku; and Shuaibu Kabir Bello, Senior Special Assistant for ICT, who will serve as the committee’s secretary.

The committee’s diverse composition ensures a comprehensive and well-rounded evaluation of each project, considering various aspects such as legal requirements, economic viability, and technological implications. This collaborative effort will enable the committee to provide valuable insights and recommendations for the successful completion of Kaduna State’s projects.

This initiative by Governor Uba Sani highlights the administration’s commitment to efficient project management and timely delivery. By proactively addressing any potential bottlenecks, the committee will contribute to the overall development and progress of Kaduna State, ultimately benefiting the residents and stakeholders.

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