Commissioner Expresses Resolve to Tackle Parking Woes in Lagos

In a significant move to curb indiscriminate parking and foster a culture of responsible parking, the Honourable Commissioner for Transportation in Lagos State, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi, reiterated the State Government’s unwavering commitment during a recent visit to the Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA). Osiyemi, emphasizing the need for a sustainable and efficient parking environment, expressed the parallel between LASPA’s establishment in Lagos and similar setups in developed cities globally.

During his address, Osiyemi encouraged LASPA staff to exhibit professionalism and proactivity in executing their duties, acknowledging the inherent challenges in managing parking issues. “You are bound to step on toes in the discharge of your duties; hence, you should be resilient, proactive, and more professional in your approach. You have our total support,” he assured.

Furthermore, the Commissioner urged Lagosians to embrace and adhere to the Lagos State Parking Policy for the collective progress and benefit of the state. He highlighted the pivotal role of LASPA in realizing its mandate and underscored the continuous backing from the Ministry of Transportation and Governor Sanwo-Olu.

Adebisi Adelabu, the General Manager of LASPA, welcomed Commissioner Osiyemi, emphasizing the agency’s commitment to fulfilling its mandate in alignment with Governor Sanwo-Olu’s THEMES Plus Agenda. Adelabu called on Lagosians to collaborate with LASPA, particularly during the upcoming “Ember Months,” a period marked by increased vehicular movement due to festive activities.

“We ask Lagosians to work with us during this ‘Ember Months’ and beyond to ensure safety on our roads, to make sure that we park responsibly, to ensure that we comply with the state parking policy, designed to ease vehicular movement in the state,” Adelabu stated.

She further urged the public to cooperate with LASPA officials during their official duties, emphasizing their role in facilitating smooth traffic flow. To address concerns or inquiries, the public can contact LASPA at 012275230 or 012275231. The combined efforts of the government and citizens aim to create a safer and more organized parking landscape in Lagos State.

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