Comedian Seyi Law Shares Tweets Of Those Saying He Hates Igbo

Popular comedian Seyi Law has taken to social media to address recurring accusations of harboring a disdain for the Igbo tribe.

Sharing tweets from Twitter users who frequently level these accusations against him, Seyi Law vehemently denied any animosity towards the Igbo people. In fact, he challenged anyone to come forward with concrete evidence to support such claims.

To further support his stance, the comedian shared the very tweets from his accusers, which inadvertently revealed their own bigotry and prejudice towards his own Yoruba tribe.

He wrote, “I listened to Sound Sultan’s song, Motherland and I was filled with sadness over the crisis that could have ensued from the lyrical content as an attack on a section of the country instead of the fundamental issue it addressed. Someone like the ignoble ADODI MIDGET who is suffering from brain dwarfism and lacking the capacity to reach the understanding placed on the pedestal of knowledge on a table top fridge would have rallied his minions of ignoramus to kill and destroy such talent of enigmatic status.

“Every day, Seyi Law is creating enemies for himself, they say. “He hates the Igbos,” they screamed. I have asked them to provide evidence wherever during the elections, I made a statement of hate towards the Igbos with a N1m price tag, and I am still waiting. Anyway, some people will always project their inadequacies on others, but I am here for you.

“One of the things I have learnt in the few days of ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU GCFR’s presidency is the ability to lead the charge and establish yourself as the point of attack, communication and defense. The next four or eight years, God willing will be filled with goodness and better governance for Nigeria, and it will be visible to blind, loud to the deaf and spoken by the dumb.

“Below are some tweets of those who accuse me daily on their own bigotry. I know Lindaikeji won’t copy this, but I am here and will never be friend to whoever wants to make an enemy that I am not, out of me. This is the last time I will address this.”

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