CNN Interview: It’s Now Tinubu’s Turn By Etim Etim

women? Are we cursed?

To divert attention from his woes, Tinubu’s supporters have been talking down on Peter Obi’s media appearances. They claim that he does not come well prepared enough or that he reels out unverifiable statistics. I agree. Obi needs some coaching in handling the press.

He has to hire experts to design his economic blueprints and distil out memorable talking points for him. Obi just has to do away with those bogus statistics. Nigerians are too sophisticated to be fooled with constant reference to China. But in terms of articulation, erudition, elocution and off-the-cuff remarks, Peter Obi is far ahead of Bola Tinubu. If you do not believe me, send the two of them to a debate or get Tinubu to grant a live TV interview. In fact, it is now Tinubu’s turn to do a live TV interview that lasts 10 minutes or more. After all, talking to the press is an integral part of the presidential job description.

Iwo lo kan, Sir.

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