Clinton’s Email Probe: Trump Doubts FBI’s Sincerity

Donald Trump doubts FBI

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) could not review 650,000 new emails belonging to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in eight days.

Trump, at a rally in Detroit hours after the FBI affirmed that Clinton would not be prosecuted for her private email server, said the FBI knew that Clinton was guilty of crime.

He expressed doubt on the thoroughness of the FBI’s review of the emails that Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin kept on a computer belonging to her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.

“You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days; you can’t do it, folks. Hillary Clinton is guilty.

“She knows it. The FBI knows it. The people know it. And now, it’s up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8,” he said.

The Republican candidate knocked Clinton for using a private email system when she was Secretary of State.

Michigan was the third of five states where Trump was campaigning on Sunday.

“We’re going to stop the jobs from going to Mexico and China and all over the world.

“We’re going to make Michigan into the manufacturing hub of the world once again and no politician will do that. They don’t have a clue,” the republican candidate told the crowd.

The Republican candidate criticized Ford, Chrysler and other companies for their manufacturing in Mexico and other countries.

“It’s not going to happen if I’m president, believe me,” Trump said.

Trump also promised to end the “nightmare of violence” caused by illegal immigrants in the country.

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