U.S. Election: Clinton Edges Trump In Dixville Notch

Voters in Dixville Notch. Photo courtesy of Xinhua

Voters in New Hampshire hamlet, Dixville Notch, have voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Residents of the area cast their votes at midnight. Out of the votes cast, Clinton polled four, while Donald Trump got two votes.  Libertarian Gary Johnson received one vote.

According to New Hampshire law, communities with fewer than 100 voters can open their polls at midnight and close them as soon as all registered voters have cast their ballots.

In case you did not know

Dixville Notch has been voting at midnight every election since 1960. Neil Tillotson, the former owner of the Balsams Grant Resort Hotel, which closed in 2011, started midnight voting in Dixville in 1960 to stir up publicity for the resort. Almost all of the Dixville voters are employees of the resort .

This could be Dixville’s last year in the election spotlight, however.

Les Otten, a New England businessman, bought the Balsams and plans to redevelop it into a massive ski resort. That could bring the population in Dixville over 100 people, thereby ending its midnight voting tradition.

Meanwhile, both Clinton and Donald Trump raced through several battleground states on Monday in a last-ditch attempt to encourage their supporters to show up and vote on Tuesday.

Clinton sought to capture more support from Latinos, African-Americans and young people. On his part, Trump looked to win over disaffected Democrats and rev up a middle class that he said has been sidelined by the political establishment.

Clinton, Obama team up in Philadelphia

Clinton held the biggest rally of her campaign in Philadelphia on Monday night. She drew a crowd that the city’s Fire Department put at 33,000 to hear her. President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and rockers Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi were in attendance.

“Tomorrow we face the test of our time. We choose to believe in a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted America,” Clinton told supporters.

Trump seeks votes in New Hampshire

In a similar vein, Trump told voters at an evening rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, they had one question facing them at the ballot box on Tuesday.

“Do you want America to be ruled by the corrupt political class or do you want America to be ruled again by the people?” he asked. “Tomorrow the American working class will strike back.”

With surveys indicating a tight race in Michigan, which Democrats have long counted on winning, both candidates made campaign appearances there.

Pennsylvania, another vote-rich state, was also seen as fertile ground by both camps in the closing hours of their campaigns.

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